I spent most of my career working with large corporations. I have had the benefit of taking some amazing courses and got a varied experience leading many different teams and coaching other managers on how to lead.

I have taken all that learning and created the following workshops:

  • Difficult Conversation
  • Using a coach approach to Management
  • Leading with ease (This is my signature program but it has been run as a workshop for several clients)
  • From recruitment to termination, with emotional intelligence.
  • DISC & True Colours (Personality Assessments)

If there is something specific you are looking for I can modify these presentation to suit your needs.


I learned so much about myself and about dealing with others. I participated in a recent True Colors session put on by Lisa. The session was fun and interactive and Lisa was a great facilitator. I learned so much about myself and about dealing with others. I will definitely be using the skills I learned from this session on a daily basis!


Would it surprise you to know that “Managing, Supervising, and Leading” are skills that have nothing to do with your age? Stepping into a Supervisor/Manager/Leader role is not always easy. You go from doing the work, to motivating and inspiring others to do the work.


When I first started public speaking, I spoke quickly, quietly and got off that stage as soon as possible. Enter toastmasters, Now I can stand on a stage, drop my script and speak for 20 minutes off the cuff.


Having a coach is having someone in our corner that you can discuss anything with. A coach is held to the same level of confidentiality you are. You have everything that you need, a coach just helps you to find your wisdom and remind you of the skills you already possess.