Go from ‘Solopreneur’ to CEO:

Expanding to a Team of 2 (…& Beyond!)

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May 16, 2022

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November 21, 2022

Are you an Entrepreneur who wants to expand your business growth by hiring your first employee or contractor, but have been faced with professional roadblocks preventing you from taking this next very important step? 

Please join me for this small group (10 attendees maximum) interactive online program which will include 5 hour-long sequential lessons, group coaching, plus Q&A and check-ins. Upon completion of this program, you will: 

  • Feel confident in the decision to bring on assistance and grow your business
  • Learn the “how to” of recruiting, to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Understand how putting money into assistance can increase your profits
  • Know what you need to communicate to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals
  • …and the course would not be complete if we didn’t talk about what to do if it’s just notworking out.

 Price: $950 (plus HST) 

This course was a learning experience from the very first day! Knowing where you are going (vision) and how you show up as a leaser (DiSC) makes a huge positive difference in how you deal with your staff and your clients. My business Partner and I both took this course and it was time well spent. The tools and skills we learned are useful now but will also continue to be relevant as our business grows. Thank you Lisa.

Deb Wilson-Smith, Garden’s of Joy


When you step into leadership, you learn quickly how overwhelming the role can be. In this online course, we grapple with what exactly fuels your stress, and help you to build a foundation for clear, confident, effective leadership.


As a speaker, I share what I know best: leading from a place of self-knowledge. From navigating difficult workplace conversations to my own healing journey of leadership, I’ve honed a series of talks that spark inspiration and shift paradigms.


I have been blessed to share in these books with some amazing authors and storytellers. I luckily got to read the stories in advance and promise they will inspire you.

Dual Paths of Leadership

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