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Dual Paths of Leadership

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I learned so much about myself and about dealing with others. I participated in a recent True Colors session put on by Lisa. The session was fun and interactive and Lisa was a great facilitator. I learned so much about myself and about dealing with others. I will definitely be using the skills I learned from this session on a daily basis!


When you step into leadership, you learn quickly how overwhelming the role can be. In this online course, we grapple with what exactly fuels your stress, and help you to build a foundation for clear, confident, effective leadership.


As a speaker, I share what I know best: leading from a place of self-knowledge. From navigating difficult workplace conversations to my own healing journey of leadership, I’ve honed a series of talks that spark inspiration and shift paradigms.


When you’re a leader, who are you supposed to turn to? A relationship with a coach like me addresses those feelings of isolation, giving you a safe and confidential space to work out your most complex challenges.