Get Over Your Fear


Get Over Your Fear

Get Over Your Fear

Fear is a powerful creature. It can transform an otherwise rational, capable person into someone with a one-track-mind. Often, a mind that is focused solely on the potential for failure. We sometimes get so wrapped up in our fear, that we can’t see what’s right in front of us.

Let me illustrate with an example. I have shared before that I was once laid off, but I’d seen it coming and already had another job lined up. The catch was, I’d be making $30,000 less annually. Luckily, my old job gave me 6 months severance pay, so after a one-month recruitment process, I was going to be receiving my new salary, on top of my severance pay. Receiving two big chunks of money at once should free up a lot of head space, right? WRONG. I had a house that I needed to pay for, and with $30,000 less a year, eventually I knew I was going to have a hard time paying my mortgage. How was I going to pay my bills when the severance was up and I was back down to one income? I was thinking so far ahead, I could not see the blessing I had been given. The reality was that my mortgage was paid through my line of credit. I chose how much money stayed in the account at the end of the month, which would become my payment, so I had the option of paying a little less if I needed to. Secondly, I had already started down the path of becoming a Life Coach. I already had practice clients outside of my full time job (which was extra income). Plus, I had a month off to relax before I started the new job. But I could not see any of this.  All I was focused on was the fear that soon enough I was going to have less money coming in every month. In hindsight, I could have listened to my sister-in-law who suggested I take a trip during the month I had off. “You can get last minute vacations for a few hundred dollars,” she’d reminded me. I could have dropped my mortgage payment (because again, no one was holding me to it, because I had a line of credit), or saved the extra salary and put it all on my mortgage, putting me WAY ahead. I could have taken it as a permission slip to focus with more intensity on my coaching, so that I’d have that second income when my severance was up. But I did not see any of these as options. I was so stuck in my fear that I could not believe I would be okay. I was not pleasant to be around, I’m sure. I was in a constant state of panic about money, because my fear was forcing me to become blind. You can say that hindsight is 20/20, but the reality is that I was never without options. I just couldn’t relax enough to let myself see them.

If you can only find one solution to your problem, chances are you are not working from the best part of your brain. Take a moment, relax and trust that everything is going to work out. When you do, more options will present themselves, and you’ll know without a doubt which one is best for you.


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