The Networking Hub: ‘From Solopreneur to CEO’ – Lisa Wilson, Guest Speaker

Jul 14
9 am EST

JULY 14  |  9 AM (EDT)

I have been invited to be a guest speaker on ‘The Networking Hub’, a professional business network for Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Business Leaders. To learn more about ‘The Networking Hub’, visit their website.

My event is entitled “From Solopreneur to CEO”, and offers a high-level view of my signature course of the same name.

As entrepreneurs, we start our business with all the energy in the world. We learn all the things, marketing, client prospecting, course creation, getting all the speaking opportunities, selling our products, creating new products and so on.

We get even more energized when we start to consistently bring in more and more clients. Somewhere along the way we discover that we can’t keep up with everything and the overwhelm starts to take over. Then we start to get all the new applications that will save us time. Initially, they do, but we keep building and suddenly there aren’t enough apps to stretch our time.

“We need to hire.  Yikes!”

This step is often where people get frozen. They either don’t do it at all, or they just hire who their friend hired even though they need very different support.

Through this presentation you will learn:

✅ The main reasons entrepreneurs avoid hiring help.

✅ How to get over each of those hurdles.

✅ Practical tips on what you need to know and do before bringing someone on.

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Jul 14