Creating a better world of business by empowering and supporting leaders to create healthy workplace cultures, resulting in a positive impact on their team members, their customers, and society as a whole.


To provide personalized coaching and consulting services to business leaders, helping them to develop the skills and strategies needed to create thriving, healthy workplace cultures that inspire their teams to achieve their highest potential and drive sustainable business growth.

Our business has developed and expanded in ways I had only dreamed of. The past two years have been a learning and growing process for everyone involved. Lisa was an important part of the successful growth of myself as well as the physical body of Discover Fitness with Kate Durst Inc. Lisa has been my Life Coach for many years now, and she coached me as a person and as a leader. She helped me understand how to lead DF to the next level and continues to do so.

Kate Durst, Discover Fitness

Lisa Wilson is a leadership coach and workplace mediator with over 20 years of experience in human resources and leadership. She has worked with large organizations such as Magna International, and has co-authored two best-selling books. Her latest work, “Leading with Ease,” is her first solo book, that also reached Amazon best-selling status.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and is a Certified Human Resources Leader. She also holds a certificate in Advanced Dispute Resolution. Lisa’s passion for leadership started early in her career, where she had the opportunity to work with amazing companies that offered training opportunities, both formal and informal. Unfortunately, as her career progressed, she experienced working in difficult and toxic cultures that created unnecessary stress for employees.

Through her experiences, Lisa understands the impact that a positive workplace culture can have on employee engagement and business success. Her mission is to help small to medium-sized companies create outstanding cultures with confidence and ease. By leveraging her expertise in human resources and leadership, Lisa supports leaders in developing the skills and knowledge they need to lead their teams to amazing heights.

In addition to her professional work, Lisa is also an active volunteer in her community. She is passionate about giving back and supporting others in achieving their goals