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I’m a leadership coach/trainer and workplace mediator who supports executives of small to medium-sized companies to create outstanding cultures with confidence and ease. The confidence comes from deeply understanding their roles as leaders. The ease comes from being able to let go of everything else.

Don’t have in-house human resources personnel to navigate demanding problems and difficult conversations? You can leverage my twenty years of human resources and leadership experience for support. You deserve help to build a foundation that will transform your leadership experience.

Our business has developed and expanded in ways I had only dreamed of. The past two years have been a learning and growing process for everyone involved. Lisa was an important part of the successful growth of myself as well as the physical body of Discover Fitness with Kate Durst Inc. Lisa has been my Life Coach for many years now, and she coached me as a person and as a leader. She helped me understand how to lead DF to the next level and continues to do so.

Kate Durst-Suarez, Discover Fitness

I am driven. I have been from the very beginning. Straight out of University, my primary goal was getting a job in Human Resources. This is harder than you think, you need experience to get a full time Human Resources role. I was able to get four consecutive six-month contracts to gain the experience.

I am blessed. I finally landed my first full-time role with Magna International. I had amazing leaders there and lots of management training. They were very concerned about having a consistent culture across the company and this training allowed that. They provided me the training and experience I needed to take on my first management role at 28 years old at Norbord, an international company that has a facility in my home town. My goal had been to be a manager by 30 and I did it over a year early.

I am a strong leader. I recognized that leading came easy to me because I was willing to internalize all my training and experience. While I had been a shy child, I stepped out of my comfort zone and rose to the challenges facing me. Through this transition, my leaders supported me unconditionally. I was in a safe learning environment that allowed for mistakes on my part with the support to learn from it and make the necessary corrections. In addition, I was encouraged to share opinions without fear of retribution and to debate issues with the understood goal of reaching the best decision with all available information being shared. I was also given feedback on my weaknesses and took extra courses and joined Toastmasters to improve my communication skills.


I had to learn the hard way. My first management role was ideal as it provided the experience I needed along with a supportive staff. As I grew and moved into larger roles, however, I started to face real challenges. I worked with several managers who were less than stellar. They were not self-aware and were more concerned with appearances than with reality. They did not follow the Values, Visions or Missions that they themselves had established. As a result, I worked at three different jobs over the next few years with each having their own frustrations.

I lost my confidence. The last one in this series was the worst. This environment didn’t match my personal values. I was constantly being told I was wrong when I wasn’t. Eventually, I started to question my own judgement. Fortunately, by this time, I was a trained leadership coach with a business outside of my job. I was blessed at this time with a corporate restructuring. I started running my own business full time.

I got my confidence back. It took 5 years of only focussing on leadership coaching and avoiding anything Human Resources related but I was finally able to regain my confidence. I’m happy to say that I’m back to my Human Resources roots and loving every minute of it. It’s worth mentioning that through this ordeal I was also dealing with health issues that taught me the importance of self-management. I’d taught this concept as a coach, but my illness gave me the opportunity to truly live it.

I’ve seen it all. Today, as I look back on my journey, I see that I’ve experienced the best and worst of leadership firsthand. I was blessed to be nurtured in positive environments. And I’ve also endured poor leadership and seen its effects on an entire staff. Because of this, when I train, speak, coach, or mediate, I’m coming from a place of deep understanding—the kind that only comes through lived experience. It’s my privilege to share that today.


When you step into leadership, you learn quickly how overwhelming the role can be. In this online course, we grapple with what exactly fuels your stress, and help you to build a foundation for clear, confident, effective leadership.


As a speaker, I share what I know best: leading from a place of self-knowledge. From navigating difficult workplace conversations to my own healing journey of leadership, I’ve honed a series of talks that spark inspiration and shift paradigms.


When you’re a leader, who are you supposed to turn to? A relationship with a coach like me addresses those feelings of isolation, giving you a safe and confidential space to work out your most complex challenges.