When your leadership is built on a solid foundation of clarity, confidence, and communication, it’s possible to lead with ease.


When your leadership is built on a solid foundation of clarity, confidence, and communication, it’s possible to lead with ease.

Do you dread difficult Conversations?

Why is a leader’s day so full of conversations that go sideways so easily? The trick to making these interactions positive and productive—rather than distressing and derailing—is to ensure everybody feels heard. This free resource will give you a few key insights into accomplishing exactly that. It could change the way you lead for good.


I’m a leadership coach/trainer and workplace mediator who supports executives of small to medium-sized companies to create outstanding cultures with confidence and ease. The confidence comes from deeply understanding their roles as leaders. The ease comes from being able to let go of everything else.

Don’t have in-house human resources personnel to navigate demanding problems and difficult conversations? You can leverage my twenty years of human resources and leadership experience for support. You deserve help to build a foundation that will transform your leadership experience.


When you step into leadership, you learn quickly how overwhelming the role can be. In this online course, we grapple with what exactly fuels your stress, and help you to build a foundation for clear, confident, effective leadership.


As a speaker, I share what I know best: leading from a place of self-knowledge. From navigating difficult workplace conversations to my own healing journey of leadership, I’ve honed a series of talks that spark inspiration and shift paradigms.


When you’re a leader, who are you supposed to turn to? A relationship with a coach like me addresses those feelings of isolation, giving you a safe and confidential space to work out your most complex challenges.

Dual Paths of Leadership

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Why would I need a coach?

A coach like myself is a neutral yet knowledgeable third party with no opinion on where your life “should” go. We help out by asking questions that help you to find your own wisdom.

Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself, into a future in which you can lead without crushing stress or constant uncertainty. When you’re tackling complex problems and feeling overwhelmed, a coach can help you to find your true centre. Once you do, you’ll never lead the same way again.

What do you mean by “Dual paths of Leadership”?

When you step into a leadership role it requires a totally different set of skills than the skills that got you there. At the end of the day, you often feel like you didn’t get anything done because your work has fewer tangible outcomes. Truly, it’s hard to understand how strange and lonely this path can be unless you’re walking it.
To walk a dual path of leadership means managing yourself while you manage others. It means understanding and caring for yourself. This allows you to show up for the people you lead as a caring yet assertive person who responds rather than reacts.

My team is struggling, what am I supposed to do?

Your people need and deserve clarity. They want to know where they are headed, what roles they should play, and whether the organization can course correct when it goes off-track.
That’s why, as a leader, your role is to set and protect the Vision, Mission and Values of your organization. Your day to day is about ensuring focus and providing support. If you are having trouble with this—and your team is reflecting this back to you—a leadership coach could be a great investment.

How will working with LMW help my business?

I love working with small to medium sized businesses. I have worked for several organizations that were very big when they decided to focus on their culture and leadership practices. By then the turnaround took a lot of money and time.
Basically, there’s no time like the present when it comes to building a healthy workplace culture and becoming the leader you need to be.
Start now and you will save yourself time and money in the long run. More importantly, you will have a team that feels good to work with, and an approach to leadership that reduces your stress.

I took the Leading with Ease course with Lisa in January 2020 and was blown away! I learnt so much about myself as a leader and how my actions and thoughts can impact my team. I learnt so many tools to help me be a more effective leader and help my team grow stronger.  Lisa is such a wonderful mentor and she is passionate and supportive.  I highly recommend this program to anyone in a leadership role whether its career or life in general. 

Jessica Hardy, Allstate Insurance