Before I discovered coaching, I had no idea that I was living a life that was constructed for me. I was living for everyone but myself, following the path I thought I was meant to. Initially, figuring out exactly what I wanted was difficult. But once I did the work and peeled back the layers placed there by my parents, society and myself, eventually I uncovered the truth.



That process was scary at first, because those expectations had been there for so long, without them I felt aimless. It was like I was a bird that had been caged by it’s own beliefs. Now, the cage door was open, I was free, but I had never been taught to fly. Eventually though, I started to learn. Little by little. I began by simply dreaming again, testing my wings. The more I started to stretch and prepare for flight, the more those dreams started coming true.

Now, I get to offer the wealth of information I’ve uncovered with you. Below are some package outlines, but the number one thing with coaching is that the plan for each person is as complex as they are. You have my guarantee that the process we will follow will be tailored just for you.

Your package is guaranteed to include:

  • Weekly one hour, one-on-one sessions
  • Unlimited Email access between sessions

You will also receive a number of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Tools, assessments, and worksheets tailor-made for you
  • Goal setting activities
  • An outlined plan to take you to your goals
  • Meditation, journaling and letter writing prompts
  • Time management tips and tricks
  • Methods for listening to the parts of yourself that have gone ignored
  • Ways to focus your energy and clear all the things that no longer serve you



If you’ve never received coaching before, this is the package for you. We can start to look at the foundation you set for your life and see where you need to start your remodel, touching on some of the blocks that have kept you stuck.



In six weeks we can go a little deeper into what you want, building the framework for the life of your dreams. We will still begin with the foundational work, but then we’ll move through the blocks that are keeping you from identifying and reaching your goals.

Full Remodel


With 90 days we can remodel your life completely from the struts to the tresses. You will come out knowing exactly where you want to be, and what you want to do. You will learn to dream bigger, feel better, and do more. We will figure out what you really want, what’s blocking you and how to bust through them. You’re only 90 days away from living the life of your dreams.

Your life, Your Way. Living with Clarity and Purpose.

Ready to create a life you truly LOVE? This course is a great start.

We walk through clearing the clutter of everyone else’s expectations, to what you truly want and then we make a plan that fits you perfectly.

You have the option of doing just the course at $97 plus tax, or the course plus a 60 minutes session with me to get you through any part you may have struggled with for an extra $200 (plus tax). (A value of over $500).



Set up a FREE, 30 minute consultation call today. You’ll have time to get to know me and how I work, so we can decide if my coaching style is right for you!