Leadership seems to have come easy to me, but the reality is I had lots of strong support. I worked with great leaders who mentored me and allowed me to attend some very impactful courses. By putting in the effort to listen and learn from this as well as real-world experiences, I have grown immensely.

Now I use this and my own experience to help others become exceptional leaders.


Let’s Make You an Exceptional Leader too!


Assisting leaders in small to medium-sized businesses to inspire their teams to work together as a cohesive unit.  Grounding in your Vision, Mission and Values we create the guideposts, so the team has space for creativity while continuing to work towards a unified outcome. Resulting in enhanced profit, communication, and decision making for both leaders and their teams!

Investing in Yourself Matters!

Imagine, for a moment, a workplace where everyone is working from the same vision and goals, understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, providing healthy communication back and forth and delivering on their responsibilities all while feeling fulfilled. It’s possible and it can happen for you, your team, and the entire organization.

Let’s discover what we, together, can do for you!


    Workshops can be delivered in person or online, as lunch and learns, 1/2 day or full day.
    Choose from existing topics or have a workshop tailored to your specific needs.
    Current existing topics include:
    • Difficult conversations
    • Foundations of Leadership
    • From Recruitment to Termination, what you need to know
    • Personality Assessments/Team building with DiSC or True Colors
    • Myths of Management
    • Using a Coach-Approach to Management

    coaching packages

    This is right for you if are a leader who seeks clarity on vision and implementation

    • Create clarity on vision which aligns your values with those of your company and team
    • Mediation tools to influence a unified culture to realize vision
    • Schedule calls based on your schedule (suggestion bi-weekly)

    Package of 4 calls – $2500

    Package of 8 calls – $4000


    Working with small to medium-sized businesses to help create a conscious business culture that allows the creativity of each member within the boundaries of the Vision, Mission, and Values.
    • From Recruitment to Termination (Human Resources A to Z), Performance Management, etc.
    • Human Resources Development, helping you develop HR programs and initiatives
    • Meditation: When co-workers have trouble seeing eye to eye, it’s helpful to have a neutral third-party to assist in the process of finding a solution.