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  • As a leader, it can be isolating to always be talking with people and not feel like you’re “accomplishing” anything.
  • A coach can provide a safe and confidential space to work through complex challenges and remind you of the skills you already possess.
  • There is no specific process because each person is different, but coaching can help you lead in a way that works for you and inspires your team.
  • We meet one on one in person, online or over the phone at intervals chose when we first discuss your goals.
  • Sessions are sold by package and we welcome unlimited text and email between sessions.

Read more below about my workshops, mediation and and consulting.


I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you provided. After going back to work for a bit they ended up laying me off. Go figure. I truly believe that our discussions helped me get through that a lot easier than I would have if we hadn’t had the sessions. I’m now chasing all those things I was waiting for and it’s finally all falling into place. At least it seems like it right now. Again… Thanks. What you do is amazing.



  • Workshops are available on:
    • Difficult Conversations,
    • Using a Coach Approach to Management,
    • Leading with Ease, and
    • Recruitment to Termination with Emotional Intelligence.
  • Personality assessments such as DISC and True Colours are also available.
  • Presentations can be modified to suit specific needs.


  • Sometimes disagreements between staff and supervisors or co-workers can stall progress.
  • Mediation can provide a neutral third party to help you come up with a suitable plan to move forward in a positive manner.
  • Business mediation can get teams working together towards the same goals again.


  • Small to medium-sized businesses may not have the benefit of a Human Resources department.
  • Consulting can help create a conscious business culture that aligns with your Vision, Mission, and Values.
  • From Recruitment to Termination, consulting can assist with Human Resources Development, ensuring you are following your policies while motivating your team.