I’m a Happiness Ninja, Transformation Champion and Communication Guru. On top of that, I’m obsessed with helping people live the life of their dreams. Well, that and my dog!

We would work best together if you are one of two types of people (or a hybrid of both):

1.You’ve reached all your goals, but you still don’t feel happy. On paper, it seems like you “should” be happy with what you have, but something is off. You’re unsatisfied. Restless. Bored, or worse. You may not know what it is that’s missing exactly, but you know you need to do something different, and you don’t know where to start.

2.You are in a leadership positions, Supervisor, Manager, CEO, Small business owner or an entrepreneurs who is moving from the sole proprietor, where you do everything yourself, to a position where you suddenly have to direct others to ensure they are able to uphold your company’s vision.

I know that you and your situation are totally unique. Therefore, you can guarantee that you will be treated as such. I will look at who you are, where you are and where you want to go. Then I’ll look at what is stopping you from getting there.

(Trade secret revealed… the answer is always inner work.)


I have always been an achiever. I set my goals and achieve them, in school as well as sports. I got through University with no debt, and insisted on finding a job immediately in the Human Resources field. I worked for two years, completing six-month contracts with different companies to gain experience.

I finally took on a full time job and once again, I set my sights high. I made it my goal to become a manager before I turned 30. From there I continued to push myself. I kept taking on new roles with more responsibility, but nothing seemed to be right. It got worse as time went on. I kept changing positions, but they were all the same in some way. Kinda like dating the same guy over and over, just with a different face and name (which I also did my fair share of). The only part of the job that I always enjoyed, was helping managers and supervisors lead their teams, and working closely with people along the way. I liked picking up on the intricacies that make a person who they are, and helping them solve their problems through the insights I would gain.

When I became a manager I expected to feel accomplished, in charge, on top. But all I really felt was lost. From the outside, I was a successful Human Resources Professional, I was engaged (to Mr. Wrong), I owned a house and a car. I was just missing the white picket fence. But inside, I was slowly crumbling. Despite being good at my job, there were days when I would go to work with a knot so tight in my chest it felt like it might cave in. I wasn’t sleeping properly at night, and all my relationships were becoming strained. I was exhausted, and I no longer enjoyed the things that had always brought me joy. Activities like mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding lost their appeal. All I wanted to do was crawl out of my skin. I was uncomfortable in my own body, and I would find myself writhing around as if I might be able to squirm my way out. It was as if I had on an uncomfortably tight, bodysuit. Like the one Cat Woman wears, minus the sass. I was no longer the confident, smiling girl who found a way to get along.

It wasn’t until I attended a human resources event that I felt something shift. I was seated beside two women who were so positive and happy, it was like sitting next to a ray of sunshine. One of the women trained coaches and the other was in training to become one. At the event, we did an exercise highlighting the qualities of a good boss. The trainee went on about how awesome her current boss was, who was the other woman at the table. I could see that even when they didn’t agree on something, there was this understanding between them. They operated without judgement or criticism. I knew I needed some of that in my life. I signed up for the training on the spot and started doing all the inner work I now know is pivotal to a person’s growth.

It took me a few years to make the transition from Human Resources Manager to Life Coach. In the meantime, I used my new skills to make better decisions in my personal life as well as at work. When you use a coaching approach to managing upwards (i.e. telling your boss what to do) things get a lot easier. I also took clients in my free time to practice my skills.


I am happy and fulfilled. I make decisions and set boundaries based on what’s best for me. And all I want is for others to feel the lightness and freedom that brings. Let me show you how.